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Currently there is no cure or proven treatments for ME/CFS. However, appropriate management of some of the symptoms can provide some relief and improve quality of life. 

Over time some people, especially children and adolescents, do experience partial or full recovery. 

Some people choose to seek out alternative therapies, however, these are unproven and often costly. Please consult your GP before starting any alternative therapies or supplements as they may be harmful.

It is thought that there are sub-groups within ME/CFS, and it does appear that some treatments and supplements are helpful for some people at least for a period of time, but not for others. Check out our article ‘considering treatments and supplements for ME/CFS’ in our Resources section for more information.  

What helps one person with ME/CFS, may not help another. Researchers currently consider that there are different sub-groups within those diagnosed with ME/CFS, and also, each individual presents uniquely. There is anecdotal evidence within the ME/CFS community that suggests that any particular treatment may help one third of people with ME/CFS, may make no difference for another third, and may actually make symptoms worse for the remainder.   

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