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Help a friend with ME/CFS

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If you know someone who lives with ME/CFS, your help and support can make an important difference to their lives.  


Ask them what would make things easier for them, and what support they would like. 

  • Perhaps prepare a meal, provide quiet company, help with housework or maintenance, or pay a bill.  

  • If you invite them to an event, consider how to reduce the energy required of them, provide a quiet space to rest, and be aware that they may need to cancel on the day if they are too unwell. 

  • Believe them. Learn about their experience and the illness. 


Remember to manage the support you give around your own needs.

Possible next steps:

Support your friend to join us so that they can receive our services. 

Have any questions? Please reach out to us.

Guidance for hosting and gifts:

Host Guide (1).png
Gift Guide for someone who has a broken energy system.png
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