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Our library of books and limited equipment is available to members free of charge.  


The books in our library have been selected or donated by past and current members and supporters of MECFS Canterbury. Please note that it is not our role to endorse all books or all content of each book.  

The library includes books on evidence-based management of ME/CFS and other approaches, books about coping with long term chronic illness, and fiction related to ME/CFS as well.  


You can visit the library in person, but most people request that we post items out to them. We can provide you with a post paid courier bag for returning the books, and when you are ready to return the items, we can arrange for NZ Post to pick up from your home. 

Our Recommendations

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.JPG

For those new to ME/CFS we recommend books by Dr Rosamund Vallings, Dr Charles Shepherd, and Dr David Bell. In particular: 

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome M.E. - Symptoms Diagnosis Management' by Dr Rosamund Vallings

Please seek medical advice:

Any suggestions or advice given in any of the books in our library, should not replace medical advice, and we do not accept any responsibility for any treatment undertaken. Please discuss with your GP or health care team any changes to your treatment regime before implementing them, including the severity of your illness and any other health issues. We are all different, and unfortunately, what works for one person may not work for another. It is best to be careful.

Can't find the book you
want to read?

Let us know if you would like us to get a book in, and we will do our best to purchase it for the library.

Thanks for your query!

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