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Our volunteer team makes a huge difference to the support and services that we can offer people impacted by ME/CFS.  


We have volunteers who visit clients to provide practical supports such as housework and gardening tasks, walking dogs, assisting with filling forms and IT issues. Other people write articles for our newsletter or assist with our events and services in other ways.  

To sign up as a volunteer:

We often have specific vacancies listed on the Volunteer Canterbury website for you to browse through.

Alternatively, please fill out our ‘Volunteer Expression of Interest’ form. We will be able to match you with people in need based on your location and the tasks you are willing to help with.

For existing volunteers:

After each client visit, please use the Outreach Event Form linked to below, to let us know what support was provided and when. There is also space to indicate future plans and to provide feedback. 

Remember to bookmark the website address so it can be found easily after each visit.

Thank you for being involved in such a practical way with our community! 

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