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Group Meetings and Events

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We host a range of different events around our region, both online and in-person. Sometimes we invite expert speakers, other times we may have a topic for discussion or gather to do an activity together. 

Group Meetings

Our group meetings may have an educational, support or social focus for people affected by ME/CFS.  These group meetings are an important opportunity to share information and enable connections with other people who understand life with a chronic illness. Non-members are welcome to attend. 

Friends Talking Outside

Christchurch In-Person

These are held on the last Wednesday of each month from 1pm to 3pm. 
A highlight for attendees is connecting afterwards from 2pm to 3pm with a cup of tea, and dairy and gluten free refreshments.   
We meet at the lovely Mary Potter Community Centre in St Albans. 

Rangiora In-Person

These are held on the third Wednesday of every second month from 1pm to 3pm. 
From 2pm to 3pm we have afternoon together, with dairy and gluten free options.


We usually meet in The Skurr Centre, 156 Ashley Street, Rangiora Showgrounds, Rangiora. 

Online Meeting (Zoom)

These are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 12 noon to 1pm. 

See the event calendar below for more details.

These online meetings can be a great option for people who are unable to attend the in-person meetings, for various reasons such as being bed-bound, house-bound, or living outside of Christchurch. 

Education for Health Professionals

We are able to facilitate and deliver education events for health professionals from time to time. Please get in touch if this is of interest. 

Event Resources

Following each event, we share information and summaries in our newsletter, by email to our members, and also in our Facebook group. This ensures that people who were interested but could not attend the event, can get familiar with the information.


If a recording of an educational presentations was made, we share this on our YouTube channel, along with any handouts. 

Events Calendar

You may wish to follow us on Facebook or Meetup, or join us as a Member, to be notified of our upcoming events.

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