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Work and Income Advocacy

Psychology Appointment

When we live with a debilitating chronic illness like ME/CFS, we may be unable to work to generate income for ourselves and our families. Depending on our family situation, other income and assets, there may be some income support available from Work and Income, a department of the Ministry of Social Development (MSD).  


We know it can be difficult working through the information and the application steps. The advocates in our Work and Income Service provide confidential support to help you to access any assistance that you are eligible for from Work and Income.  


Our Work and Income Advocacy Service is normally delivered through email, but it depends what suits you best - text, phone call, zoom call or home visits are also an option.  


The support may include: 

  • Helping to determine your eligibility for the different financial benefits and allowances. 

  • Assisting in filling out paperwork and applications. 

  • With your permission, acting on your behalf as your agent.  

  • Working with your GP to ensure any required medical certificates reflect the severity and impacts of your illness. 

  • Supporting you through issues with Work and Income.  

  • Advocating on your behalf with Work and Income.  


To access this service:

To refer yourself to the Work and Income Advocacy Service, sign up as a member and note on the form what help would be beneficial, and one of our team will be in touch. 

If you are already a member, send us an email about the help you are needing.

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