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Intervention Fund

Grocery Basket

We operate a small semi-urgent Intervention Fund to support members in times of escalated need when they have no way to cover a critical cost themselves or from elsewhere.


The support provided varies and may cover a voucher for food, one-off cleaning prior to a house inspection, an initial appointment with a counsellor, or the fee for a visit to GP or other health professional.


We may not have funding to consider all requests, but please do enquire. We may be able to find some other way to cover the cost, if we cannot do so ourselves.  

To access this service:

If you are already working with one of our Nurses or Advocates, please get in touch with them and explain what your needs are. They will explore options with you and then, if necessary, refer your situation to the Manager for consideration. 

Alternatively, members are invited to email the office directly to request support. 

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