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Getting Diagnosed

At this stage, there are no specific diagnostic tests available that can be done in a clinical setting to confirm ME/CFS.


However, healthcare professionals can make a diagnosis by using the diagnostic criteria, excluding other possible conditions, and ensuring that post-exertional malaise (PEM) is present.

Your doctor is likely to refer to the clinical advice for ME/CFS on the Health Pathways website provided by Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand and may:  

  • Ask about you and your family’s health history.  

  • Ask about anything you have tried that makes the symptoms better or worse.  

  • Suggest that you keep a diary of symptoms and activity.  

  • Do a physical exam or take blood tests to rule out any illnesses that may cause similar symptoms. 

We have a letter that you can take to your GP to let them know about the new clinical guidelines for ME/CFS on the Health Pathways website.

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Our Registered Nurse Service is available to support you when you are wondering if you have ME/CFS and are seeking a diagnosis. Our nurses work through the assessment process against the diagnostic criteria with you, and then, with your permission, can share the result with your GP.  

How we help

For a comprehensive list of clinical primers and other resources for health professionals refer to:
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