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Some people who have been infected with COVID-19 find that they have ongoing symptoms months afterwards.


This chronic illness is sometimes referred to as Long COVID, Post-Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS), or Post-COVID-19 Syndrome.


The symptoms of Long COVID may include:

  • organ damage,

  • the core symptoms of ME/CFS,
    (including fatigue, post-exertional malaise, brain fog)

  • and other concerns.

Long Covid and ME/CFS are both examples of a serious and debilitating condition that can follow any type of viral infections.

There are some important differences that distinguish some people with Long COVID from those with ME/CFS. However, some people who have Long COVID can also be diagnosed with post-COVID ME/CFS.

To explore this topic further in-depth we suggest the article published in Frontiers in Medicine in 2023, titled 'ME/CFS and Long COVID share similar symptoms and biological abnormalities: road map to the literature'.

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All services provided by MECFS Canterbury are available to people with Long Covid who are experiencing ME/CFS-like symptoms.


Our Registered Nurse Service can partner with other health providers who are supporting people living with Long Covid. 

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