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New Guidance on ME/CFS for Canterbury GPs

6 Dec 2019

Canterbury District Health Board's diagnostic and management information for ME/CFS has now been updated with input from MECFS Canterbury. This provides GPs in the region with evidence-based guidance and best practice.

MECFS Canterbury is excited to announce that the new CDHB (Canterbury District Health Board – now Te Whatu Ora Waitaha) HealthPathway for ME/CFS is live - as of Friday, 29th November 2019! We have been working with the CDHB team over the last year on getting the content improved.  


'HealthPathways' is a website that GPs log into to view best-practice advice for assessing and managing a wide range of health conditions and concerns. Each region /DHB has their own ‘copy’ of the system content, but the base content is provided by Canterbury.  


The old 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Pathway has been completely rewritten. The new content is largely based on the information on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site, as this is the most up-to-date and informative of the government sites around the world.

(Check out if you haven’t already.)   

The new ‘Chronic Fatigue’ Pathway will help GPs to assess someone more thoroughly to confirm if they have ME/CFS, idiopathic chronic fatigue or perhaps other conditions that may have different treatment options. It also guides them to support people to manage their activity carefully.   


We have prepared a letter about this new information for you to take to your GP, next time you visit. We want GPs to know about the new HealthPathway so that they can support you better.” 

Letter re new CFS HealthPathway
Download PDF • 129KB

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